America as an Empire Essay

Topics: United States, Military, Military of the United States Pages: 4 (1271 words) Published: March 1, 2006
America, a nation built upon the values of ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,' has been referred to as the most powerful country in the world. While some people praise the U.S. for this great triumph, others resent it. And despite this obvious victory, many of America's leaders and policymakers suffer from an ‘inferiority complex,' often feeling the need to act in ways that make the U.S. seem more superior. The actions exerted by America are reminiscent of a very outdated practice, called imperialism. This term has recently brought upon many arguments concerning the United States as an empire, particularly in the character and logic of U.S. domination that is at issue. America should not assert its economic, military, and cultural strength around the globe; for, it provides proof of its classification as an empire. Those that oppose the idea of an imperialistic America have various legitimate, yet naïve opinions about the matter. One belief contrasting the idea, given by numerous leaders overtime, is that it's America's obligation as a free nation to share our independence with those lacking such. Conservatives encourage this approach, as they feel that the U.S. force is a "liberal force that promotes democracy" and at the same time weakens oppression, violence, "military aggression" and arms production (Ikenberry 38). The "nation's genuine [idealistic]" support for those in need is often misinterpreted as dominating and predatory (Ikenberry 39). Although the United States exhibits similar qualities of power to that of Rome and Britain, it differs in the fact that it promotes the spread of democracy instead of its dominion (Ricks). In addition, to the expansion of social equality, America hopes to aid other nations in the process. The U.S. does not just "pursue its interest[s]," but provides order to countries that know of no such thing (Ikenberry 38). Although many rumors have been heard regarding the force of America's help and support, all "terms […]...
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