Topics: Feminism, Moon, Sun Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Author is a feminist who believed that women went unnoticed and their left to make amends for other peoples actions. The very title amends means to compensate or make up for a wrongdoing. In this particular poem it’s the moon making amends for the faults in the world. The very first line is from Merchant of Venice, act 5, helps set the scene, automatically linking the poem with the moon. “Cold” atmosphere, suggests night-time, white star further suggests night-time. “Another exploding” = another repeatedly happening. Either the apple blossoms are falling, or the moonlight is reflecting. “exploding” is violent in congruence to the rest of the poem, and interrupts the silence of the stanza. The use of colon suggests lists or itemizes or itemizes the progression from sky to tree to ground. Moonlight picking at small stones is the first proper mention, also personifies the moon. The poem starts at a small level. Second stanza. “Greater stones” = broader range of view. “As it rises with the surf” seems to be bobbing up and down with the waves. “Laying it’s cheek” i.e. relaxing, appealing to the sense of touch, and strongly linking moonlight with feminity, nurturing, loving, and caring. “For moments” greater amount of time. “on the sand” light reflects more then on the stones. And sand links with relaxation. “As it licks the broken ledge” semi appeal to taste, personifies moonlight as being a caring feminine motherly figure, just like animals lick each other if hurt. broken ledge confirms moonlights caring nature trying to repair the damage. Flows up the cliffs, flows like water, and links back to the surf in the previous stanza. Cliffs are common near beaches, suggests uncontrolled yet relaxed. “as it” personifies, “flicks across the tracks”, makes reader forget that it’s moonlight, adds to personification. As it unavailing = pointlessly pours into the gash, i.e. wounds created by humans. The first line, references early feminist movements, where...
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