Amelia Earhart

Topics: Amelia Earhart, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Aviator Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: November 13, 2013
Amelia Earhart made a big difference in the world during the early 1900s and even to this day. She's known for her astonishing accomplishments in the world as the first woman pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic, Pacific , and so on. She was independent, strong, and had the courage to do anything she wanted to. Amelia Earhart inspired many people and was not afraid to take chances. Because Amelia was such a strong person, she has affected many people and inspired many women to follow their ambitions.

Amelia wasn't very interested in planes at the beginning. But as she attended a flying exhibition, she knew she wanted to fly as soon as she took off. She bought her own plane months later. She later formed the first women aviator's association after being asked to fly the Atlantic. The association was called the Ninety-Nines, Inc. and had consisted of licensed women pilots from 35 different countries. Amelia did not only care about herself but also cared about the people surrounding her and their dreams. She had the desire to fulfill her dream to fly around the world.

There are many theories about how Earhart died. As she was flying the first around- the-world flight in 1939 with Frederick Noonan, her navigator, they disappeared and were never seen again. Some people believe that they were spies for president Franklin D. Roosevelt and was captured by the Japanese. Many people reported sightings of Earhart and Noonan being treated horribly by the Japanese and later executed. The most likely explanation was that she ran out of fuel when she was lost and landed on an island.

Although there are many different theories on what happened to Amelia in 1939, there is no concrete evidence to show how she really died. She was ambitious and had a deep passion for adventure that she was not afraid to show. Earhart affected and inspired many people, especially women, in her life. Even after almost 74 years, she still has not been forgotten and people all...
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