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January 8, 2013
Leadership Paper: Amelia Earhart

Why can’t I fly around the world? A lot of people responded to Amelia’s question in disbelief when she told everyone she would accomplish this task. Amelia Earhart was the first aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Earhart is referred to as one of the most celebrated aviators in the world. I choose Amelia Earhart as the topic of my leadership paper because she remains a symbol of power and determination for American women, and her adventurous spirit is a vital attribute to the American identity.

Amelia was born on July 24th, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas. Later in life Amelia took up flying as a hobby when she was living in California, she worked odd jobs to pay for her flying lessons. In 1922 with her mother and sister’s financial help, Amelia bought her first airplane. Soon following her parents divorce Amelia moved back east and worked as a social worker in Boston, Massachusetts. This is where she was selected to be the first female passenger on a transatlantic flight in 1928. She was invited by, her future husband, George Palmer Putnam. Putnam was a publisher, and he believe Amelia’s flight was a bestselling story, in 1931 the two married. Although they were now married Amelia never gave up her love for flying, George helped her with organizing her flights and public appearances, while also publishing a few books for her. After a series of record-making flights, in 1932 she became the first woman to make a solo transatlantic flight. Amelia’s next step was to develop flying clothes, Vogue advertised her flying suite with a two-page photo spread. Then, she began designing her own line of clothes "for the woman who lives actively." The reason I choose Amelia as the topic for my leadership paper is because Amelia made great strides in opening the new field of aviation to women. In 1935, Amelia became the first person to fly from Hawaii to the American mainland. By doing...

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