Ameila Bloomer

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Amelia Bloomer

Historical importance:
Amelia Bloomer was a very important historic figure. When Amelia bloomer got married in 1840 she started her own newspaper in Homer, New York, and called it the Lily. Amelia started publishing articles on defending women’s comfort of clothing. Everybody thought this idea was insane but eventually Amelia got her wish. Named after her, the bloomers were created. This made a big difference in Women’s rights because the women did not have to wear their ridiculous long dresses and tight corsets.

* Amelia Bloomer was born in 1818 in Homer, New York. Amelia then got married in 1840. She started her own newspaper called the Lily. She was not a fan of the uncomtorable clothing women were designed to wear, therefore, she decided to go against wearing what women traditionally wore back then and tried designing different and more suitable clothes.

*She created the idea of the bloomers in the Lily. Everyone thought that if she wanted to do this it would be going against being a woman. Everyone thought this idea was crazy, this made it hard for her to get people to side with her on bloomers, a new kind of undergarment that she thought would be more comfortable for her and possibly others.

*Mr. Bloomer and Mrs. Bloomer (Amelia) moved to Mt. Vernon and Amelia helped her husband with his paper that was called The Western Home Visitor. But within a year Amelia’s husband decided to sell his paper and the two moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1894.

* In Iowa the people there thought her wild ideas of bloomers in the Lily were outright crazy and they thought even her husband was insane for letting her write such things in the paper. The style was much different from what Amelia wished it was, she wanted people to wear the bloomers she had created.

*Women at the time liked the style of tight laced corsets,...
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