AMC The Walking Dead

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AMC’s The Walking Dead
The era of the blood lust vampire crave has died only to leave the apocalyptic world of the undead to take its place. Shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries along with movies like The Twilight saga have lost the spotlight to zombie movies like Zombieland and World War Z and especially to shows like The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is a show that takes place, like any other zombie show, in a post-apocalyptic world where the main character, Rick Grimes, and his son along with a group of survivors must fight the dead and the living to survive. The Dead team of the AMC hit show The Walking Dead have slowly but surely crept their way into our homes with increasing numbers of popularity. As Gary Levin put it, “It's TV's top show among young-adult viewers, on broadcast or cable, and continues to set records.” As other hit shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men soon come to an end this record breaking show that has captivated and influenced millions of viewers is only beginning. The Walking Dead is indeed the most popular show watched in America. Last Easter the show had a record breaking audience of 12.4 million viewers. The reason as to why the show is so popular can be a result of many things but ultimately a television shows purpose is to entertain. In order to entertain viewers the show must continue to keep the interest and curiosity of the audience. The Walking Dead does this constantly by emphasizing the survival aspect of the show and including the violence and power that comes with it. However, it keeps a balance by also emphasizing the moral decisions that the characters are faced with. Morality and survival come hand in hand in the show and not only provide internal conflicts within the characters themselves but also external conflicts when dealing with other living breathing human beings in the show. The first season of the show takes place in a pre-apocalyptic time where the main character Rick is shown as a law enforcer...
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