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The main purpose for ambulatory care is to bring cheaper and easier access to health care. Patients no longer have to stay overnight in hospitals. Ambulatory care allows every patient to be treated like an outpatient. With ambulatory care, hospitals are not overcrowded and are not the only place to receive medical attention. Ambulatory care offers all kinds of different services that do not require major medical attention. Basically ambulatory care offers medical service for those that are poor and cannot afford hospital bills. Ambulatory care has cut the cost for those involved all around.

I believe that ambulatory care is changing societies view on health care for the reason that health care has come a long way from where it used to be. Health care used to be only available through hospitals. Now day’s health care is available at a lower cost then what a hospital charges. Health care is now available through offices like clinics that have easy access for people who have low income. I think that society views health care as improving in many ways. One way that health care is improving is with their technology. Health care’s technology now allows patients to have a procedure done but not be kept as an inpatient.

The health care service could always improve and there is belief that it will keep improving over time with new technology. Health care could improve its services by offering more services with actual doctors. Ambulatory care services like clinics often have ANRP’s, which are nurse practitioners that work under actual doctors. Health care services could also improve on the cost for their services. Even with clinics that are for low income people, they are still high in cost. Another improvement that could be made within the health care service is there being more offices that are ambulatory care and available.

(The U.S Health System, Ch. 6-7)

References: (The U.S Health System, Ch. 6-7)
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