Ambition Essay 14

Topics: Need, Want, Middle class Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: February 11, 2006
Everyone has some sort of ambition whether its in their genes, family or culture. Ambition can become very stressful and competitive. Everyone always wants a bigger piece of the pie. They always want more for themselves and their family. Although some people are more determined then others to get that bigger piece of the pie. Some people will put in over time every week to achieve what they want and others will just keep saying "one day I'm going to do it" or "one day I'll have it." People need to set clear goals and strive to meet their goals to receive what they want in life. Although setting to high of goals can be stressful. A lot of the students today attending College are stressed some or all of the time. Student's that are too ambitious and are setting to high of goals for themselves creates problems. It is very common for very ambitious people to have heart attacks, ulcers and other stress-related ills. Everyone has ambition but everyone in each society has to find their own way to become ambitious and achieve their goals to succeed. Ambition can become very competitive. Both men and women will compete among one another to advance their status or position. Men tend to compete and achieve what they want at any cost no matter what it takes to do so. While women on the other hand are very ambitious but tend not to go as far as males will for what they want. Family and culture play an important role of people's level of ambition. Parents that set high goals for their children and support them when they do well and also when they fail are likely to create the most motivated kids. Children that are born into wealth are usually not that ambitious and motivated. On the other hand kids that are poor or in the middle class tend to be very anxious and motivated to succeed in life. I think that everyone is ambitious. There is no one in the world today that doesn't want more for themselves, family or friends. Some people are more ambitious then others to achieve...
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