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Ambition Essay 12

By mollsbaby Nov 05, 2008 303 Words
Ambition probably being one of the most powerful emotions a person can have. It takes true passion for something you love. It’s always different depending on the person. The reward is always the same. To me it is the motivation, to strive to do the best I ca. My motivation is singing.

My whole life I’ve wanted to be a Broadway singer and performer. When I was young my brother and I would perform together in front of my parents. My brother just being such an amazing pianist inspires me and gives me the courage and motivation I need to be a good performer and to never give up and do my best. My brother supports me and my singing and it’s an amazing feeling to have so much support and love from him.

Ten years from now, I can see myself singing on Broadway having the lights on me and performing in front of hundreds of people. The shows always sold out and everyone would applaud really loud when I would take my bow. Doing what I love and having the time of my life is the best experience every. The rush of blood and and energy you get when you see everyone enjoying your performance is unbelievably incredible. When you get to go out the backstage door and sign autographs and have people tell you “you were amazing” is the best reward in the world.

Ambition doesn’t have to be a big thing. It can just be the motivation to get that extra dessert if you get your homework done to getting the money you need to go see the concert you want to see. Having a strong belief in something makes you come out a winner and feeling amazing like you’ve done your best.

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