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Topics: José Rizal, Ambeth Ocampo, Adolf Hitler Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: February 18, 2014
Ventura, Cleo Ariana T.Column #9, Seat #3
“Articles by Ambeth Ocampo” (A Reaction Paper)

1.) Why Rizal Is the National Hero- Dr. Jose Rizal is undoubtedly a conscious hero in a sense that it is clear in any of his writings that he planned his entire life meticulously, even until death. Many say that his physical anomalies are to compensate for his unparalleled intellectual gifts. He was so brilliant, that he fought for us through the most peaceful means. 2.) Rizal Sired Hitler-Many question whether Adolf Hitler is the son of Jose Rizal just because he had a German connection and a night with an Austrian woman. The accusations are bogus, given the fact that Rizal left Germany and visited Austria in 1887, and Adolf Hitler was born on 1897. Moreover, it is highly improbable Hitler was a delayed baby. 3.) Rizal and Leonor Rivera’s secret affair- Leonor Rivera, Rizal’s past lover, was forced by her mother to break their engagement and marry an English engineer. They wrote a lot to each other in the most discreet way. Their true love story remains unveiled. 4.) The Hero as Teacher- Dr. Jose Rizal once quoted “On this battlefield man has no better weapon than his intelligence, no other force but his heart.” Rizal valued education and he made his nephews write so he could correct any mistakes, to the point that even when he wrote to his nephews, he’d teach them new things. He encourages us Filipinos to study. 5.) The Death of Jose Rizal- Rizal was very serene when he was walking towards his exile on December 30, 1986. He was very pale from not eating, but he still managed to smile at people and even crack jokes. Before he was killed, he refused to be blindfolded, and to kneel, and asked that they spare his head. He held his head high even until the last minute. He was shot in the back towards his heart, and his last words were that of a crucified Christ, “It is done”. There are many stories about Rizal. First, why he is our national hero, for me, is...
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