Amber Portwood Character Analysis
Pages: 2 (434 words) / Published: Dec 19th, 2015

Amber Portwood changed her life around and she was able to win custody of her seven-year-old daughter Leah, according to Radar Online, Dec. 19, 2015, but she has another problem coming at her. Us Weekly reported that Amber’s current boyfriend, Matt Baeir, is rumored to have seven kids. Amber has been in a legal custody battle with her ex-fiancé Gary Shirley for several years, but they finally reached an agreement.
Amber may have known about Matt's kids because when an upcoming clip of “Teen Mom 2” was shown, Amber didn’t seem too shocked by the news. However, Amber was livid that Gary Shirley told the news on camera so millions of people know. Amber read the tweets that fans posted and she responded to one tweet posted by a follower that called Matt’s secret of seven kids made him “a catch. Amber retaliated with the comment, “You would have to be
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He has to deal with that and his past and I'll stand by him. But I'm a woman and I hold my own.”
However, Amber is probably celebrating the news that she now has custody of her daughter Leah. In 2011, Amber gave Gary custody of their child after she was charged with a felony domestic battery. She allegedly assaulted Gary and several times assaulted him in front of their daughter. What was unusual about her situation sis she asked the judge to send her to jail because she could not deal with her drug problem. Originally, she was to serve 5 years, but she was released in 2013 after serving 17 months in an Indiana jail.
Amber worked hard to turn her life around and she quit using legal and illegal substances, but when she wanted her daughter back, Gary refused to give Leah back to Amber, because he thought Amber would not be a good mother. However, Amber proved she is a responsible person by staying sober, and paying her bills on time. They fought a bitter court battle in July, but her persistence and clean living paid

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