Ambassador Essay.

Topics: Problem solving, Leadership, Slavery in the United States, American Civil War, Slavery, John Brown / Pages: 2 (324 words) / Published: Mar 4th, 2013

Ambassadors are considered an important leaders at Everest college. The role of a leader can be very complex. The complexity depends on the task which is assigned, the length of time the group spend, together and the expectation, of the organization.

This is why I want to become an Ambassador, because of the leadership role they have at Everest. As a leader I will have an impact on the climate and culture in my work group. As an effective leader Il have problem solving skills, good communication, and be able to cope with responsibility and lead by good example. I will have the skills and ability to give and receive feedback. I have been helping my instructor with assisting my classmates with training and development. I’m very productive when it comes to getting my homework done, getting to class on time. I am also very committed and my goals, like the person I consider a moral leader -John Brown. John Brown was adamantly opposed to slavery, and unlike most abolitionists of his time he was not, content to protest through pamphleteering and speechmaking. He purchased land for escaped slaves, raised a black orphan as his own son, and was active in the Underground Railroad. He also lived amongst s laves and taught them how to farm. John Brown cofounded the league of Gileadites, a group intent on protecting escaped slaves through, as a later radical said, ‘whatever means necessary’. Mr. Brown followed several of his adult sons to Kansas Territory, then widely called ‘bleeding Kansas’ for its violent clashes between pro and anti slavery factions.

As an Ambassador I will have the ability to develop clear lines of communication, enable group members to understand tasks and responsibilities, acknowledgement of team efforts. Support members participation in problem solving and decision making. I will be a great Ambassador and leader at Everest College, just like John Brown was a moral leader for his

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