AMB340 Service Marketing

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AMB340 Service Marketing
Service Encounter Report
Word count: 1978

I. Introduction
Nowadays, services dominate economy and generate most new jobs. This service encounter report aims to compare and contrast my own real-world service experiences using services marketing theories. Firstly, it will compare my two satisfactory encounters journals in East Coast Car Rentals and Ambient Hotel Colina to get the most satisfactory one. Secondly, two dissatisfactory encounters in Ray White Alderley and Myer will be compared to gain the least satisfactory one. Finally, I will give 3 recommendations for the least satisfactory encounter. Theories of level of tangibility, heterogeneity, inseparability, and perishability; level of customer service; disconfirmation of expectations; processes or production steps and so on will be used in analyzing my encounter experiences.

II. Most Satisfactory Encounter
As an oversea student in Brisbane, I like travelling around Australia during the holiday. When deciding to travel to Melbourne, I planned to have a road trip. We were going to hire a 7-seat car because there were 6 people travelling together. Prior to the trip, we had booked the car via East Coast’s homepage. Before picking for the car, I felt satisfied with the service according to the theory of Flower of Service, like the information was detail including the exact time to pick up the car and the order-taking was easy. Therefore, I was looking forward to this trip because I thought it must be happy. Therefore, my expectation was quiet high. But, as mentioned in Appendix 1, just 30 minutes before the picking time, I was informed that the car was unavailable. That was exactly the service failure. According to the Cognitive Emotional Framework, when a customer experiences a dissatisfying experience, he or she will first assess the significance of the situation to their own well-being (Wirtz, Lovelock & Chew, 2012). Because of this service failure, what I wanted to achieve was affected. Our plan in the first day was needed to change due to the time limited. After the phone call, my expectation decreased. Honestly, I wanted to complain this late inform. However, I was satisfied with service recovery of East Coast for service failure. The action, or series of actions, a service provider takes in response to service failure (Wirtz, Lovelock & Chew, 2012). East Coast followed the 5 steps of service recovery (Zemke & schaaf, 1989). First step was apology. The employee made apologize to us and explained the situation. Second one was urgent reinstatement. The employee offered us a solution about two 5-seat cars. Thirdly, the employee showed his empathy to us. He also understood us why we refused his offer and the importance of the 7-seat car for us. Fourthly, he gave us a discount as symbolic atonement to reduce our degree of dissatisfaction. The final step was follow-up. The employee helped us go through the renting formalities in advance and promised us once the car arrived, he would inform us as soon as possible. Even though there was service failure, recovering the failure in a reasonable way could change customers’ negative attitudes. Therefore, I was satisfied with this encounter.

In contrast, another satisfactory encounter is reflected in the aspect of employees. As for a customer, encounters with service staff are the most important aspect of a service. In addition, frontline is an important driver of customer loyalty because they build personalized relationships with customers (Wirtz, Lovelock & Chew, 2012). As can be seen in Appendix 2, I felt satisfied with the frontline of Ambient Hotel Colina in Munich. I felt a good relationship with the staff in frontline. The travelling information was beyond his basic service. According to the cycle of success in managing employee, the employees in this hotel was happier in their work and provided higher quality, customer-pleasing service. For example, the employee in front desk was...
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