Amazon Warehouse Project Charter

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Project Warehouse Charter

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Group Name: Your Preferences

Group Members: Geng Sun, Yu-Wen Chen, Yu Song,
Yu-Che Cheng, Kuan-Chi Lin Table of Contents

High Level Purpose or Justification4
Project Scope4
Project Requirements4
Key Stakeholders5
Key Deliverables and Milestones, Budget, and Timeline5
Potential Risks5
Acceptance Criteria6
High Level Critical Success Factors7

Project Name: Warehouse
Project Sponsor: Shawn Alborz
Project Manager: Geng Sun
Date Prepared: 2/24/2013

Project Charter Document


High Level Purpose or Justification

Our company is awarded a contract for designing and building a new 100,000 sqft warehouse for in city of Richardson with an expenditure of $5,000,000 dollars. The goal is to build the warehouse within 12 months (fixed duration).

Project Scope

Features: Huge modern efficient warehouse for
Function: Enhancing efficiency of product distribution for Enhancing order response in North Texas area Performance: Advanced management of warehouse, quick-response logistics, and secured monitor system

Project Requirements

The following table presents the requirements that the project’s product, service or result must meet in order for the project objectives to be satisfied. See Table 1.

| Req. # |I Requirement Description | |1 | The ability to enter project information as defined by the business | |2 | The ability to track project status | |3 | The ability the associate project outcomes with projects for sharing information | |4 | The ability to report on projects as defined by the business | |5 |The ability to search by country and/or technical area |

Key Stakeholders

Identify the key stakeholders and whey they are important.
1. Representatives from
2. Procurement Manager
3. Construction Manager
4. Installation Manager
5. Commissioning Manager
6. IT Manager
7. Logistics Manager
8. Accounting Manager
9. Financial Manager
10. Governmental agencies

Key Deliverables and Milestones, Budget, and Timeline

See Table 2.

|Task Name |Duration |Start |Finish |Cost | |Investigation of proper location |11 days |Fri 3/1/13 |Fri 3/15/13 |$10,000.00 | |Designing of the warehouse |21 days |Mon 3/18/13 |Mon 4/15/13 |$100,000.00 | |Construction of warehouse |175 days |Tue 4/16/13 |Mon 12/16/13 |$3,000,000.00 | |Equipment Procurement |44 days |Wed 10/16/13 |Mon 12/16/13 |$1,400,000.00 | |Equipment Installation |34 days |Tue 12/17/13 |Fri 1/31/14 |$400,000.00 | |Commissioning |20 days |Mon 2/3/14 |Fri 2/28/14 |$90,000.00 | |Project Completion |0 days |Fri 2/28/14 |Fri 2/28/14 |$5,000,000.00 |

Potential Risks

1. Inflation threat grows as raw material costs are passed on the project, resulting in unexpected...
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