Amazon Species

Topics: Indigenous peoples, Endangered species, Amazon Rainforest Pages: 4 (1295 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Tree ocelot
These thick-furred nocturnal cats live in trees. Road building and the expansion of farming are expected to substantially reduce their numbers. Hoary-throated spinetail
Land clearance for cattle ranching and soy production in the Amazon basin is expected to devastate the last 5,000 of these critically endangered birds. White-cheeked spider monkey
The territories they occupy are fragmented by major highways. Many populations are threatened by agriculture, in particular enormous soy bean plantations and the roads that service them. Rio Branco antbird

Critically endangered by deforestation and expected to suffer from proposed changes to Brazil's forest code reducing the amount of land that owners must maintain as forest. Brazilian tapir
Extinct in parts of Brazil and under threat elsewhere in the region. Yellow-headed poison frog
Forest fires, logging and agriculture are major threats.

Nearly 100 bird species face increased risk of extinction in the Amazon Deforestation causing loss of habitat across the region, as vulture numbers decline in Africa and long-tailed ducks disappear from Europe Birds in the Amazon are under increasing threat from deforestation, while large populations of duck have disappeared from northern Europe, and vultures are under intensifying attack in Africa, according to the latestsurvey of the world's birds. The Rio Branco antbird has been singled out for particular concern – it lives in the Amazon, but its relatively long lifespan makes it more vulnerable than some other species to even moderate deforestation. The hoary-throated spinetail is predicted to lose more than 80% of its habitat in the same region, putting it on the "critically endangered" list, meaning the species faces serious risk of extinction. According to BirdLife International's update for 2012 of the IUCN red list of threatened species, close to 100 species of birds across the Amazon region are now at a greatly increased threat of extinction. "We have...
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