Amazon Case study

Topics: Amazon Kindle,, E-book Pages: 3 (890 words) Published: December 18, 2013
Question 1
In what ways does Bezos’s decision to develop and deliver the Kindle and Kindle Fire show systematic and intuitive thinking?

I think that Bezo’s decision to develop and to deliver the Kindle show systematic and intuitive thinking through competitive strategy to assure the success of the company. Competitive strategy refers to a strategy that is designed to create value for customers by providing lower prices or unique features not offered by rival organizations. This is proven based on Amazon’s quarterly filing ending March 31,2010 when their net sales had increased to 45% in the electronics category. Jeff Bezo, CEO of says “ as we continue to offer increased selection, lower prices and additional product lines within our electronics and other general merchandise category, we expect to see the relative mix of sales from this category increase!” Another reason would be seeing an opportunity only can give long form reading to be digitalized. They have analyzed their strengths and capacities that helped them develop a new innovation in the market. From there, they were able to produce a refined product called Kindle that has the ability to review and remember more what a person reads follow people of interest and allows one to see their Public notes and manage his books, highlights, and notes.

Question 2
How do you describe the competitive risk in Amazon’s environment as Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, and other retailers strengthen their online offerings?

Having the most of the services that Amazon provides myself it is my go to place for every time I am trying to make a purchase. In my opinion, since Amazon has established a great amount of customers and being the one of the most organized and friendly online place where you can purchase practically anything, it will be hard for other competitors to achieve such results. Also the greatest benefit to some people is not paying taxes on the products that they purchase which...
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