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BMIS 300
Project Structure Guidelines

The Study

As Individuals or by groups, select an organization of your choice to study its information system. The organization can be of any type: small, medium or large organization, private or public, for profit or not-for profit organization. The organization activities could be selling or manufacturing goods and/or services.

You have to collect information about the organization through research (Internet, magazines, journals, etc….) and/or direct interviews.

The study should cover the following:

1. A brief introduction of the organization (activities, structure, functions, etc…). 2. The information system(s) in use by the organization (explanation of the systems work and details). 3. The information technology infrastructure in use (IT dimension). 4. The influence and effects, of the systems in question, on the business (management and organization dimensions). 5. The objectives served and the type of the systems, solutions, etc… 6. The advantages (benefits) or disadvantages (missing parts) of these systems. 7. Recommendations

If there is no Information system yet, recommend the appropriate system after studying the business processes.

Approach and structure

1. Front Page: LIU Logo, Title of the Study, Student's Name, Course Title, Section, Campus, Name of Instructor, Semester, Year etc… 2. Title/ Topic of the Study
3. Dedication (Optional)
4. Acknowledgements (Optional)
5. Table of Contents (Outline of all Parts of the Study)
6. List of Tables & Figures (If applicable)
7. Preface (Optional)
8. Introduction: Overview of the Study
8.1 Overview of the theoretical aspect of the Study
8.2 Overview of the Objectives of the Study
8.3 Overview of the organization to which the Study pertains (Literature Review) 9. Body of the Study: The practical fact finding part of the Study...
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