Amazon’s Kindle Case Write-Up

Topics: Amazon Kindle, Publishing, Digital rights management Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: November 4, 2010
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In 2007, when the average consumer was inundated with a multitude of choices relating to their entertainment options, Amazon had just released the Kindle, a new electronic reader. Amazon had been extremely secretive in the lead up to the launch, and there was a tremendous amount of concern regarding how the Kindle would affect the publishing industry. From the brick and mortar bookstores, to textbook manufacturers to the I-Phone, any company involved in the publishing industry’s supply chain was now actively working to understand the implications of this new product. In short, the Kindle had been receiving a tremendous amount of fanfare despite Sony having released a similar product a year earlier with limited success. With Sony having had limited success with their reader, Amazon appeared to have addressed some of the critical barriers that limited Sony’s market penetration. Most notable of the differences between the Kindle and its Sony counterpart was that the Kindle enabled users to download content directly to the device, a marked change from the Sony product, which required the user to first download content to a pc. By including Wi-Fi capability, Kindle users were now empowered to retrieve content wherever they could access an internet connection. This difference was critically important given that one of the great attributes that e-readers had was that it empowered users to bring the lightweight kindle with them, whether it be for work, travel, or anything else… With Amazon having already established itself with the major book publishers, it leveraged its considerable influence on them to ensure that they enabled their products to be offered in the Kindle format. Where Sony was only able to offer roughly 45,000 titles, the titles offered by the Kindle, which exceeded 200,000, offered users much more variety. However, as much as Amazon succeeded in providing their customers with a large variety of content...
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