Amazing 9th Grade Teacher

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My Amazing 9th Grade teacher
As a freshman, I met Mrs. Chinwe Agbogu. She was from the same state and city as me. Mrs. Agbogu was very understanding, courageous and a very friendly lady. Mrs. Agbogu was a very down to earth kind of a lady, very understanding when it comes to listening to people and their problems and also their school life challenges. She is always there for me to help me get through my freshman student life challenges. She never judges me or make me feel bad about what ever my challenges in class might be. She encourages me never to give up on myself, she is full of beautiful and motivational words that gives me confidence that I can get through school just like everybody else and even better, she was like a God sent to me. She helped me realize that I could make something and anything great out of myself and life, if I work hard with honesty. She helped me detect my strength and weaknesses, and also gave me suggestions on how to improve on them to better myself. Mrs, Agbogu was the most friendly teacher I’ve ever come across in life so far, even with her friendly character, students never took her niceness for weakness, we all respected and loved her. She was the kind of lady that has no greed, always giving her full time to me and other students in other to make sure we succeed . Mrs. Agbogu chinwe was my true definition of a teacher. Two of her greatest sayings I will never forget is “we are what we make ourselves” and “we all have an inside voice and we should all work on finding it, using, and believing in it”. Mrs Agbogu was indeed an Amazing woman, teacher and friend in many ways.
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