Amateur Film Review: Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls

Topics: Daddy's Little Girls, Tyler Perry, Illegal drug trade Pages: 4 (1353 words) Published: July 29, 2013
Amanda Proffitt
ENG 255 Introduction to Film
Instructor: Lindsay Bryde
May 06, 2013

Ever want to take your kids to see a film and not worry about the violence and gore that it may have? Whether you are a mother or a really awesome aunt (like me) you want to be able to take a child to a film that has a good message and will keep your attention also. That is what you can expect to see when you attend a Tyler Perry film a down home, greatly inspirational film with a great message that all audiences will enjoy. Mastermind Tyler Perry has once again made his way into the hearts of the American public with another dramatically touching film. Daddy’s Little Girls (2007), filmed in Georgia, a romantic-comedy is a beautiful and impressive film about the life of a mechanic Monty (Idris Elba), who has to enlist the help of lawyer Julia (Gabrielle Union) to regain custody of his three daughters. With all of Perry’s films there is a certain overwhelming feeling of the odds that anyone can overcome life’s challenges with a little religion and a whole lot of love. Daddy’s Little Girls was written and directed by Tyler Perry; he was in charge of all creative aspects of the film. Tyler Perry, as the writer and director he was also responsible for the style of the film and how it came across on screen to the viewer. As defined by ( a director is the “person responsible for the interpretive aspects of a stage, film, or a television production; the person who supervises the integration of all elements, as acting, staging, and lighting, required to realize the writer’s conception.” With this film it was easy for Perry to know exactly what he himself wanted to portray to the audience. When writing this film Perry may have already known exactly how the story will be told and what the audience will feel for the actors and how...

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