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Drugs, one of the most dangerous things ever to be created by mankind. They have been responsible for numerous deaths as well as problems of some of the most prolific people to ever walk the face of this planet. Not only that, it has ruined the careers of numerous high profile athletes all because the money and the fame got to them. Not only did they abuse drugs but also performance enhancing drugs which ended their career permanently. Examples like this are Diego Maradona and his constant overdoses, which to a premature end to his career to even recent cases like Lance Armstrong testing positive for performance enhancing drugs therefore having to give back all of his Tour de France titles. This paper will attempt to trace the history of the use of drug enhancement in sports in an effort to determine the extent of this problem.

Body of Research
Drugs were first used in competitive sports as early as 776 BC "The use of drugs to enhance performance in sports has certainly occurred since the time of the original Olympic Games [from 776 to 393 BC]. The origin of the word 'doping' is attributed to the Dutch word 'doop,' which is a viscous opium juice, the drug of choice of the ancient Greeks."1 It has since continued on from there. The first recorded death of drugs to a famous athlete that is notable didn’t happen in the twentieth century but it is quite a monumental symbol in light of this paper. It was twenty four year old Welsh cyclist Arthur Linton who passed away during a race. The cause of death was said to be typhoid fever but it was said that he overdosed on trymethyl. In 1904, Marathon runner Thomas Hicks almost died at the Olympics in St Louis after mixing brandy and strychnine. These were very early cases of drug abuse in the 20th century. In 1952, speed skaters in Oslo’s winter Olympics fell sick after taking amphetamines. Luckily for them this was just a mild side effect from taking the drug. In 1960, at the Rome Olympics,...

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