Amalgam Fillings

Topics: Amalgam, Dental amalgam controversy, Dental restoration Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Don Sapatkin sat in the dental chair on May 1st for the placement of an amalgam filling. Don had previously had 10 amalgam fillings before this one; however it is understood that on his next visit for a filling Don and any other patients must sign a mandate information sheet about any filling procedure the dentist plans on doing. Don wrote the article Council Mandates Information sheet signings for dental fillings. The mandate information sheet consists of no dire warnings or even recommendations; although it does talk about the options of a white tooth resin or a gray-silver amalgam filling. The mandate information also notes that amalgam fillings carry high levels of mercury; however also bulleted is that the mercury level in people that have amalgam fillings is so low which isn’t considered toxic. The Philadelphia County Society argued that the word mercury should me removed from the mandate form due to the scar it gives patients when reading the two words “mercury” and “toxic”. With that being said consumers from Dental Choice feel that amalgam should be banned because of the studies they’ve done which leaves the possibility of multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. The argument made about the amalgam mandate information form is, it should be worded differently with less stunning words like toxic and mercury. Instead Marla J. Gold suggested the wording should consist of “is there an alternative? And yes, there is”. The argument lies between anti amalgam campaigns affecting the reaction of people and how it’ll affect them with low incomes still going to the dentist because amalgam is a cheaper material to place. It may affect the youth and having their teeth tended to properly because of the money issue. When reading the article you can see the define line between anti and pro amalgam campaigners. On the mandate information form it states that “high levels of mercury can cause toxic effects on the brain, nervous system and kidneys” however it is...
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