Amadou Diallo

Topics: Black people, Race and Ethnicity, White people Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: November 5, 2013

Amadou Diallo A Case of Racial Profiling

On the night of February 4th 1999 something shocked the world and nothing would be the same. Amadou Diallo, an unarmed and innocent African immigrant was shot to death. 41 bullets hailed upon the poor man by police officers. Right outside of his home New York Police Departments Crime Unit killed him. Half of the police officers said to put his hands up and the other half said to show ID. Not knowing what to do Amadou decided to take out his wallet. The police thought he had a gun and opened fire. This case was so controversial and the world was divided onto two sides. We all know that Diallo didn’t deserve this and it was a case of racial profiling. The story of Amadou Diallo and his murder is a perfect example of racial profiling. There are such a large number of cases where police based on a person’s color of skin made stops and arrest. That night police were looking for a black skinned rapist and the officers suspects Diallo to be that man because he was dark skinned. Later it was found that all the police officers were white men. They assumed that because of Amadou’s black skin, he was a criminal and the one they were looking for. Even though the police made a mistake they were free to go. The four police officers that were responsible for this tragedy were acquitted of all charges. During the court case the defense asserted that the shooting was justified. The said the police officers believed Mr. Diallo was grabbing a gun. During most of the case the lawyers laid the blame on the victim. They said how he was not obeying orders from the cops. The jury was 1 black woman and eight white people. It seems weird that the officers did not get punished for their mistakes. Racial Profiling can never be avoided; it is as if all blacks will be looked down upon. There has been so many cases were arrests have been made based on someone’s skin tone. Amadou Diallo an innocent man gunned down when he had done nothing wrong....

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