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Amadeus Computer Reservations System

Amadeus is a computer reservations systems and global distribution system (because they sell tickets for multiple airlines) is owned by Amadeus IT Group. This IT Group has headquarters in Madrid, Spain and their central database located at Erding, Germany. And their development center is located at Sophia Antipolis in France.

In 1987, Amadeus was formed through an alliance between Air France(France), Lufthansa(Germany), Iberia Airlines(Spain) and Scandinavian Airlines System(Denmark, Norway & Sweden). And this system is the worldwide leader in number of bookings. This system is not only for airlines, they provide reservation system to book train travel, cruises, car rental, ferry reservations and hotel rooms.

They solve four issues in one solution: First, to replace legacy technology and move towards a new generation platform. Second, to implement superior functionality either immediately or incrementally while you add elements of the modular solution. Third, to integrate more easily and efficiently with partners who are already using the global platform. And last, to keep up-to-date with industry evolution through community platform development.

The objectives of Amadeus CRS is to replace to old system that implement during the time it is created to avoid more inconvenience because of the disadvantages of manual system and to improve the existing computerized systems. Just like Amadeus CRS the San Miguel Corporation Management Training Center or SMC-MTC based in the Philippines want to improve their system to avoid inconvenience due to the disadvantages of their manual system and to attract new clients or customers to ivest in their company because of their own computer reservations system. Like Amadeus CRS, SMC-MTC able to reserve...
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