Topics: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Constanze Mozart, The Magic Flute Pages: 4 (1414 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Amadeus is a play which portrays the rivalry between Antonio Salieri, a famous composer, and Amadeus (Mozart). Salieri being jealous for Mozart’s talent declares war to God promising to destroy Mozart, his preferred creature, as he feels betrayed by God. Even though salieri achieved what he wished most, fame; he felt that this was also his punishment. When had been rubbed in fame to vomiting, it would be taken away from him and Mozart’s music would sound louder and louder through the world, so as to win his battle with God, he tried to convince the world that he poisoned Mozart, to be remembered for infamy at least.

Act 1
Antonio Salieri a famous composer, being an old man, is sat in a wheelchair with his back to the audience. Feeling guilty cries out: “Mozart! Pardon your assassin... have mercy.” The venticelli explain that when Mozart died thirty-two years ago, there was some talk about him being poisoned by Salieri. They wonder why Salieri would do such a thing and why he would confess it now. Salieri asks the audience to be his confessors. He admits his lifelong desire for fame, “yet only in one especial way. Music! Absolute music... music is God’s art”. He longed “to join all the composers who had celebrated his glory through the long Italian past.” As a result, he implored God, “let me be a composer... in return, I will live with virtue... and I will honor you with much music all the days of my life”. God answered to him “Go forth, Antonio. Serve Me and mankind, and you will be blessed”, Salieri thanked him and promised, “I am your servant for life”. The very next day, a family friend suddenly appeared and took him to Vienna, where he studied music and soon became the court composer. Salieri decided, “Clearly my bargain had been accepted”. The same year the young prodigy Mozart was touring Europe. Salieri tells the audience, “I present to you, for one performance only, my last composition, entitled The Death of Mozart, or, Did I Do...
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