Ama Ata Aidoo And The Akan Culture A Critique Of The Dilemma Of A Ghost And Anowa

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Ama Ata Aidoo And The Akan Culture A Critique Of
The Dilemma Of A Ghost And Anowa
Confidence Gbolo Sanka, Felicia Annin, Cecilia Addei
ABSTRACT: The paper focuses on the relationship that exists between literature and culture through a critical analysis of Ama Ata Aidoo‘s The Dilemma of a Ghost and Anowa. This exercise has become necessary due to the misconception that some people usually have about literature and the way it relates to our lives. Thus there is sometimes the misconceived idea that literature is only imaginative, fictional, and creative but does not address issues related to everyday life. The paper corrects this misunderstanding about literature by exploring the literary qualities and cultural issues that have been highlighted by Aidoo in her two plays as well as relating such issues of mores and ethos to the Akan living culture. Index Terms: culture, literature, feminism, marriage, extended family, child bearing ————————————————————

(i)The independent and abstract noun which
describes a general process of intellectual, spiritual
and aesthetic development (ii) the independent
noun, whether used generally or specifically, which
indicates a particular way of life, whether of a
people, a period, a group or humanity in general
and (iii) the independent and abstract noun which
describes the works and practices of intellectual
and especially artistic activity. This seems often
now the most widespread use: culture is music,
literature, painting and sculpture, theatre and film. A
Ministry of Culture refers to these specific activities,
sometimes with the addition of philosophy,
scholarship and history (Williams, 1983:90).

1 Introduction
To be able to come out with a convincing argument about how
literature and culture are intertwined and how they affect every aspect of our lives, an effort has been made to look at the
definitions of the two words first. The close relationship that exists between literature and culture has also been examined. The body of the paper is then devoted to an analysis of the
forms of the two plays and the themes of culture and
feminism. The discussion of the themes in the order in which they are mentioned above brings out aspects of Akan culture
such as marriage in traditional Akan society, the importance of children in traditional Akan marriage, the role of the extended family system in traditional Akan setup, and the need for
respect for the elderly in traditional Akan society. These
aspects of Akan culture and their definitions as well as the way in which they are handled by the playwright in the two plays have been discussed in the order in which they are mentioned above. Finally, based on the cultural issues raised in the two plays and how they are handled by the dramatist, a conclusion has been drawn on how literature can be used as a medium

for cultural expression, cultural change, and cultural identity. In his Keywords, Raymond Williams observes that culture is a
word that is of a Latin origin. The immediate forerunner of the word is cultura which is derived form the root word colere,
meaning ―inhabit, cultivate, protect, honour, with worship.‖ (Williams, 1983:87) Colere is a word that has gone through a lot of mutations in meaning and in writing in different
languages since its creation. In modern social science, the
dominant meaning of culture as given by Williams is:


Confidence Gbolo Sanka
Department of English, Kwame Nkrumah University of
Science and Technology
Felicia Annin
Department of General Education, Valley View
Cecilia Addei
Centre for Communication and Entrepreneurship Skills
(CENCES), University of Mines and Technology
(UMaT), Ghana.

In Culture and Anarchy, Matthew Arnold raises a lot of
pertinent issues on the meaning, the scope, and benefit of
culture to man. To...

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MediaDESISGN, Accra, pp. 162.
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Longman Group Limited, Essex, pp. 50
[3]. Aidoo, A. A., (1970), Anowa, Longman Group Limited,
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