Am I Blue?

Topics: Slavery, Suffering, Human Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: April 12, 2013
John F. Vital
Prof. Hans
College Comp 1
10 February 2013

Am I Blue Argument

Many people in this world suffer for many different reasons. Though we aren’t the only ones who suffer in this world, animals do as well. Every animal in this planet are like humans in a way because they are like us in the inside. They can’t talk to you but in various ways they express themselves. Blue is similar to what happened to women who were slaves when the owner would rape the slave so she can conceive and not have to buy another slave and save money. Also when the brown horse who was pregnant had to be taken away, Blue had to forget every feeling he had for that brown horse because it will never come back. Alice Walker’s argument is that no one should have the right to make someone suffer for any reason even if it’s an animal because even animals feel pain just like a human being does.

When slaves were used way back in history, the white owner of the black slaves would rape the black slaves so they can conceive and have babies so the owners won’t have to buy another one, the same happened to the horse Blue. When the brown horse was taken away from Blue, it was obvious that the only reason that horse was there was for she can bond with a horse and then be taken away so she can conceive and the owner wouldn’t have to buy a horse, Blue was just being used in the end and this made him crazy. Just as Alice Walker states it “The Children next door explained that Blue’s partner had been ‘put with him’ (the same expression that old people used, I had noticed, when speaking of an ancestor during slavery who had been impregnated by her owner) so that they could mate and she conceive” (Walker 3). Just thinking about the pain that the poor horse had to go through makes me as well sad because I wouldn’t like someone to take away something from me that meant a lot to me, this shows how the children tell her what had happened to Blue and why he was acting that way.

Just like...

Cited: Walker, Alice. "Am I Blue?" n.d.: 1-4. Print.
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