Am I Blue?

Topics: Discrimination, Race and Ethnicity, Racism Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Am I blue?
In this article, author made a basic statement for us, which is that sometimes people are always arrogant and we do not consider about the vulnerable group’s people.
Just like the blue, the house of the author’s neighbor, have to facing the situation in the article. The author and the people in the article do not treat blue as the friend or the member of the family. They just treat blue as the animal. If they are happy, they may give blue a apple to eat; if they are boring, they may ride blue as a entertainment tool; they can even sale or take away blue’s friend easily if they want. Most important thing is that they do not even think about blue’s feel at all. At last, the over arrogant of author and the careless about blue cause blue become crazy to the author and do not let anyone to ride on itself.

There are so many examples to show that we are ignoring the right of animals and even worse we assume that the animal are happy to serve for us. Like the blue, is it really happy to live with human? We can find out conclusion. However, we definitely can show that it was less happy than the people started to live with it. The author and his neighbor occupied his own land and force it to do what it does not want to do really. Nevertheless we assume the animal is willing to serve us. Like we play music for cow in order to get better qualify milk, but is cow happy to listen the music? We eat animal’s meat all day, but we never consider about the animals. They have the as same right as we do. Why our human should eat them. If we change our situation with animals, will we be happy? I am afraid not. We as human are always too arrogant to treat other species equally. We not only treat animal as humble objects, but also treat human in the same way. Like the example which author used in the article, we teach the children who were raised by the black people that they parents are the low species and after many years the children will think in the same way....
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