Always the Sun by Neil Cross Book Review

Topics: Family, Bullying, Sentence Pages: 4 (1726 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Book Review: Always the Sun by Neil Cross

Always the Sun is one of Neil Cross’s famous books. It is first published in Great Britain by Scribner last 2004. Neil Cross was born in Bristol in 1969, His other novels are Burial, Captured, Holloway Falls, Christendom, and Mr. In-between. He lives in New Zealand with his wife and two sons. Always the Sun is a great novel that talks about a typical yet wonderful relationship between a father and his son. To tell shortly its plot or its main story, it started with Sam who had his wife dead, decided to move back to his hometown with his son Jamie. They were starting all over again, living a new life together with Mel, Sam’s sister. A new job was just offered to Sam in a certain medical institution and a new school for Jamie. The problem was, Jamie’s being the center of the school local bully. A simple childhood problem that had lead the story far. It told how far the father would go just to protect his only child from harm.

The characters of the story were successfully described by the book. Sam a certain widower who unconditionally loved his wife and his only son. Jamie, Sam’s beloved son and Mel, Sam’s sister. Three individuals that had been frequent on every part of the story and together they conquer life problems. The story would affect whoever reads it especially those father and son. I came to like this book because of its unique concept and story. Well it’s not only about the realization of how awful and bad Bullying was, but it also told the love of father to his son. The distance that He might go just for his sake. When I first saw it on a bookstore’s bookshelf, I got hooked up with its front cover for the graphic representation drawn was good and eye-catching. But then, it wasn’t the cover that had always mattered. When I looked and read the backcover where the teaser and summary are written, I only then decided to take it. With its hanging question below the Title “How far would you go to...
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