Always Telling the Truth Is the Most Important Consideration in Any Relationship

Topics: Lie, Interpersonal relationship, Deception Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: July 24, 2013

I also wrote an essay on this topic, but before posting it I wanted to give you my two cents:

As John Bishop says “The truth is like as transparent glass and always comes in front of them at (eliminate) one day”. But some people claims (claim) that white lies also have an important role in their life, sometimes it protects the person. According of their thinking if white lies play a role in favor of a person, it is not called “white lies” and they call it “artificial truth”. On the other hand some people follows (follow) honesty is (as the) best policy rule (eliminate) in their life (lives). According their opinions every person should start their life on the basis of truth and there is no need tell a lie in their whole life. So, I would like to (eliminate) prefer to tell the truth in my relationship. My preference is based on the clear standpoint and grow up process resulted by telling the truth. (i didn't understand that)

Firstly (First), as John F. Kennedy says “Honesty is one of most precise virtue of human being (greatest virtues in human beigns)”. It shows that honesty is the best path to walk and if any person follows this path, success touches his feet. As we know that white lies have an important role in the business world. People tell a lie on each step to enhance their business. For example: a reputed company produces a product and advertises of this product with white lies. Most of(eliminate) customers attract to this product after seeing this advertisement and buy the product, but after some times they realize that the quality of product is very poor and the company cheated them. In future they never deal with that company. The company can reach on the top with the help of white lies for short time but it will not work for long time. Thus the personal relation is like as business/customer relation if a person tells a lie in his personal relation, his relation also will become a short-term relation. (I'm not sure that this is a good...
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