Aluel Thesis Proposal

Topics: Employment, Computer, Computing Pages: 7 (870 words) Published: February 28, 2015


Yambao Aluel John A.
Alvarez Mark Gabriel H.
Francisco Leslie Anne M.
Ramos Kimberly H.
So Timothy James S.
IV-3rd John


[MARCH 2015]

Cashier system to help the cashier worker to make their job easier and more comfortable. Because we don’t need to use calculator or paper to computer. People engaged in business need a system that will help them make their work fast and accurate in this case cashier system plays a very important role. In cashier system business owners can track their daily profits as well as the record on how the business run is properly tracked and monitored there is a sense of direction. Our generation use technology nowadays. Because of technology our life become more easier to live cashier system help us to do our job easier. This system help us to become more organize and gives importion on how you handle your money properly. We can save a lot of time computing. And we can compute faster and simultaneously. We can do our job easily because of this system. This cashier system help us to do our job easier and because of that, employees become lazy this only give their taste to the computer. The other disadvantages of this system lead us to use technologies that our own talent and skills we need a lot of money to buy this system. Because this is already a high-technology system.

Problem Statement

The problem deals with how cashier workers needed a system to run a small shops like sari-sari stores, computer shops, and other business related to selling and merchandising. This study will also find out how effective a system in dealing with profit and investments.


The purpose of this study is to build a system that can help the cashier workers from small stores to help them with their job . The system will properly accommodate the needs of the students and the parents in taking the statement of accounts. It will provide an accurate, fast and smart statement of accounts to students that is up-dated for the school administrator and the students.


It is well recognized and appreciated that there is a shortage of personnel necessary to provide a full complement of retail service employees. This shortage appears across the retail spectrum, and is perhaps best exemplified by the personnel shortage in the fast food industry. Because of the salary levels typically in place, employers (and the public) are increasingly forced to rely on a decreasing labor pool with the inability to obtain the number and level of personnel which would otherwise be preferred.

In addition to the shortage of personnel, the requirements, particularly in the fast food industry, that an employee typically take an order, accept payment and generate change, and collect and deliver the order results in inefficiencies and errors. Further, there always exists the risk of loss through pilferage, employee theft, as well as hold-up, fraud and the like. These problems are not limited to the fast food industry. Wherever employees are required to process orders and payments there exist the potential for error, theft, and product shrinkage.

Scope And Limitations

This system doesn't cover the buying/payment through online.This system is designed for cashier workers/employee in any store to make their job more easier .It can save database in this system. This system automatically save the data input through computer.


We assume that our work/system will be helpful to cashier workers because of it's ability to compute money easily and faster than any calculator or cellphones.

In the year 1970's the people...
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