Although terrifying

Topics: Comedy, Sexual intercourse, Gothic fiction Pages: 4 (2023 words) Published: December 3, 2014
‘Although terrifying, many of the stories in the bloody chamber are darkly comic.’ Consider at least two of the stories from ‘The Bloody Chamber‘ in light of this view. Within The Bloody Chamber, Carter incorporates elements of both “dark” humour and light-hearted comedy. “Although terrifying”, elements of black comedy also exist and can be found in the inclusion of gothic literary clichés which are used frequently within the collection itself. These include, but are not limited to use of excessive sexuality, cynicism and the grotesque. Alternatively, it can also be said that Carter alludes to other types of comedy; in particular slapstick, physical comedy and sexual humour .These could reasonably be construed as spirited, or good-humoured, thus diminishing the emphasis on the stories as “terrifying”. This idea is stressed most prominently in Puss-In-Boots, in which a bawdy very sexual humour is explored. Additionally, Carter’s use of dark irony and mocking humour devalues a serious gothic interpretation. This is because the mere existence of comedy means the stories are not “terrifying” in nature, yet, propose a satirical self-mockery. Carter’s use of the deliberately hyperbolic gothic descriptions, as exhibited in The Lady of the House of Love also assist in conjuring up a comedy that is thematically and contextually ‘dark’ and sombre, yet lacks the frightening disturbances of traditional gothic literature. It is important to question whether the stories can be both “terrifying” and “comic”, or simply “terrifying” and therefore lacking in comical appeal. Carter’s ‘The Bloody Chamber’ certainly embeds an element of terror within the story of the same name. However, this is to a certain extent countered by various aspects associated with the horror genre apparent in the Marquis from the very start. Perhaps in this way it is also reasonable to argue that the tale also combines elements of dark comedy within the text provided by the very uncanny male protagonist....
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