Althea Gibson

Topics: Arena, Grand Slam, Tennis Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Rogan Gibson
Mrs. Holmes
Oct. 12, 2009
TITLE OF BOOK Althea Gibson Tennis Player
AUTHOR Michael Benson
1. The MAIN PURPOSE of this book is to tell people about the person who broke the color barrier in the world of women’s tennis. Althea Gibson was an outstanding tennis player that won as a doubles champion in 1956 and as a singles champion in 1957 and 1958. This book tells Althea’s story and the troubles she faced being a black athlete in the elite tennis arena. 2. The KEY QUESTIONS that the author is addressing are whether a poor young African American woman could be competitive in the sport of tennis, whether the same young woman could be competitive in the sport of golf, and whether society would accept the success of this young woman. 3. The MOST IMPORTANT KINDS OF INFORMATION in this book are the fact that Althea Gibson won championships at Wimbledon two years in a row and won the national title at Forest Hills. This showed that Althea was a competitor at the top of the tennis world and that society could accept her success. The compliments she received from the President of the United States and other high political figures showed that she was accepted and recognized as being one of the best tennis players. The fact that she was the first African American to be allowed to play the Englewood golf course showed that racial issues can be overcome. 4. The MAIN INFERENCES (and conclusions) in this book are that Althea Gibson had always wanted to be somebody and from all her accomplishments, in sports and in life, she proved that she was somebody. The writer gave all the supporting facts of Althea’s accomplishments in the sports arenas, but also the facts of her participating in the cause of decreasing racial perceptions. 5. The KEY CONCEPT we need to understand in this book is that no matter how poor you are or where you come from, you can always strive to improve your circumstances. 6. The MAIN ASSUMPTION...
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