Alternative vs Traditional Medicine

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Morpheus offers Neo two pills, the blue pill will allow him to continue and live in a world with no knowledge or the red pill which offered him an escape into reality. We don’t have the option of a blue or red pill; however we do have the option of traditional and alternative medicine. The choice is yours follow traditional medicine risking your body or make the choice to follow alternative medicine which would result in adding years to your life.

Everyone has heard the commercials for traditional medicine prescription drugs, the ones that fix one problem but cause many others. For example take Ibuprofen a common pain reliever that when taken over time can cause nausea, diarrhea, constipation, epistaxis, headache, dizziness just to name a few. These medications are all FDA approved but that does not negate the fact that they only pacify the pain without actually treating the issue at hand.

Alternative medications on the other hand are all natural and do not result in numerous adverse effects. Alternative medicine focuses on treating the actual problem and not just pacifying the symptoms. In short term alternative medicine can be costly because most insurance companies do not cover it, but in the long run you will be saving money.

Traditional medicine drugs must have a prescription for a reason. Without a prescription individuals risk overdosing or even worse becoming addicted to these narcotics. This characteristic of traditional medicine drugs causes these drugs to be very valuable when sold as “street drugs”. Alternative medicine uses all natural drugs that would hold no value as a street drug. If people would depend more on the alternative medicine drugs the use of illegal prescription drugs would decrease.

At first the traditional medications promise to solve any health problem, however years later many drugs have been proven to be more damaging then helpful. The human body has an amazing ability of natural healing and alternative...
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