Alternative Uses to Gasoline

Topics: Petroleum, Internal combustion engine, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: October 10, 2008
Keesha Frederic
Informative Speech
COM103 1:40p.m.- 2:55p.m.
I.Are there substitutes to using gasoline?
II.There are several alternatives gasoline uses especially in vehicles. III.Today I will be briefly discussing the different alternatives to utilizing gasoline. A.The first alternative is natural gas.

B.The second alternative is electricity.
C.The third alternative is fuel cells.
D.The fourth alternative is biodiesel.
I.First, the first alternative to utilizing gasoline as a source of power is natural gas. A. Natural gas can often times be confused with gasoline; however, it is a colorless, odorless, and smokeless gas. 1. It is composed of hydrocarbon compounds, (carbon dioxide, hydrogen, water vapor, and 90% methane.). a.It is generated when the formation of plant and animal matter get trapped under solid rock, below loads and tons of pressure for millions of years underneath the earth’s surface. b.As one of the safest forms of energy, according to the American Gas Association, natural gas contributes to one fourth of the nation’s energy. 2.The first internal combustion engine vehicle to run on natural gas was designed by Etienne Lenoir in 1860. 3.Natural gas vehicles are powered by compressed/liquefied natural gas. 4.It can help to produce considerably lower amounts of harmful releases compared to gasoline and diesel. 5.It is combined with the use of hybrids (half gasoline and natural gas.). II. Second, the second alternative to utilizing gasoline is electricity. A.Plug-in hybrids.

1. According to the California Air Resources Board, vehicles running on electricity release at least 67% lower greenhouse gases than gasoline-powered autos. 2.They cost less money to navigate and less money to maintain. a.Driving thirty miles in an electrically-powered vehicle will cost eighty-one cents. b.It would approximately cost 75 cents per gallon/electricity. B.Several auto-manufactures of plug-in...
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