Alternative Nostril Breathing Versus Nmal Breathing

Topics: Sleep, Oxygen, Lung, Olfaction, Heart, Respiratory system / Pages: 3 (588 words) / Published: Jan 19th, 2013
Alternate Nostril Breathing Versus Normal Breathing After conducting a mini “study” of whether alternate nostril breathing helps people with sleep issues as opposed to normal breathing at bed time, it was concluded that, yes, alternate nostril breathing at bed time does help to relax a person and put them in a more sound sleep than normal breathing. In the personal study conducted, three nights were done under normal breathing circumstances and three nights with the alternate nostril breathing technique applied. The three nights done under normal breathing proved to be more restless and more rousing during sleep than the three where the alternate nostril breathing (ANB) technique was done. Under the influence of the ANB, less restlessness and a more sound sleep were observed. All in all, even though the data tracking sheet shows more time to fall asleep each night and a lot of restlessness, it was still a more refreshing morning on these days than the days than when the normal breathing was done. As a result of the study, it is believed that ANB does work as an alternative to drugs as a sleep aid. On a normal basis, sleeping aids are prescribed and taken nightly and sometimes they help and sometimes they don’t work well. A lot of this depends on environmental factors though. The nights that this study was recorded, both ways of breathing, there were many influences, physically and mentally that impacted the sleep habits of both types of breathing. The first three nights were inundated with a migraine, sinus congestion, coughing from bronchitis and lack of full doses of the night medicines, if any. The first night a migraine seriously impacted the study, as bed rest and closed eyes (sleeping the entire day and night) took precedence over being able to get up and function on a normal day and night meds were not taken because of the nausea associated with a migraine. Residual effects from the migraine lasted two or more days beyond the initial

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