Alternative Medicine Essay 8

Topics: Medicine, Alternative medicine, Acupuncture Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: August 27, 2010
People choose to use alternative methods for various reasons. They are becoming increasingly aware of medical practices from different cultures. Many are frustrated with what conventional medicine can do. The side effects of some medicines make you feel even more sick than you already were. They have the desire to take fewer medications and experience fewer side effects.

Today many people in the UK and US choose to be treated by methods that are not based on Western scientific methods, that is the science and practice of medicine which is standard in the West. These methods are known as “Alternative medicine” or “Complementary medicine” ,which include homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, aromatherapy, chiropractic medicine, and reflexology among others. Chinese medicine is also increasingly popular.Unlikealternative medicine, conventional medicine has proven effectiveness and is scientifically based, while alternative medicine has its drawbacks and a lack of scientific basis and its results are not always consistent.

On the contrary, many of them mistrusted it and felt apprehensive or sceptic, and after their experience they changed their mind and were pleased with it as they noticed an improvement in their condition. Nevertheless it is not scientifically based and cannot be regarded as having as consistent results as is the case of conventional medicine. People who feel fearful or mistrustful of it claim that if its medicines and potions really worked, then proper doctors would use it. But not all the people who have tried alternative medicine felt enthusiastic about it from the very beginning. Furthermore, conventional medicine has its limitations, since some illnesses are incurable and some others which are caused by psychological problems cannot be cured by its methods. Many people who have not found a solution to their problem in conventional medicine have resorted to alternative medicineand obtained effective results, as is the case with...
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