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Topics: Terrorism, Mass media, Massachusetts Pages: 2 (1196 words) Published: October 23, 2014

1000125-258445This Land Is Your Land: The Role of Alternative Media in Protecting Democracy 00This Land Is Your Land: The Role of Alternative Media in Protecting Democracy

The Boston Marathon Bombing took place not too long ago in the state of Massachusetts, April 15th 2013. Imagine just running in a race minding your own business when a blast of metal and shrapnel fills the air with smoke and a massive loud noise sending screams through the air. Across the world on that day we were glued to our Television sets while the State Of Massachusetts was scared out of their mind. Three people lost their lives and almost 300 people were wounded. Alternative Media gives us information not meant to be sold for a profit, but to inform us about what we really need to know. Sites like give us the inside scoop of what the FBI really didn’t tell us about that horrible day. is a nonprofit organization that works to provide readers every day with independent news and commentary. There are many articles on the websites that are published every day, about world issues, United States issues, news commentary and headlines, and even a link to another website called that was by the Truth-out news community. Since Truth-out is a nonprofit organization, that means it’s funded by people who donate money to help keep the site running. Articles are well written and chosen by Truth-out Editors. Claims are supported in the text and submission guidelines need to be followed accordingly to be published on the website. In Mainstream Coverage, you don’t hear the coverage that is under the radar and there are many articles about one particular topic. Take for example the coverage on the Boston Marathon, on that date everyone was looking for the fast facts like the date and all the victims; but the facts that didn’t come under the radar were the facts about what the FBI wasn’t doing. In the article by CNN called,” Boston Marathon Terror Attack Fast...

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