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Topics: Inkjet printer, Sugar beet, Ink cartridge Pages: 6 (1446 words) Published: February 28, 2013

“Sugar beets as a Potential Additive for Commercial Computer Ink”

Cruz, Clarence
Basmayor, Renz
Alejandro, Bea
Ruivivar, Nicole
Orsine, Johanne
De Dios, Johbie

Chapter I
A. Background of the Study
In this modern world of technology, the price of products becomes a challenge to every user because of the demands of the consumers. Today problems to supply the needs of computer ink are in demand throughout the world that uses computers to print documents. It is encourage to discover things that can be useful and answer these needs. Many people are now using gadgets like computer to make their work easier. Physics makes significant contributions through advances in this technologies. Advances in the understanding of electromagnetism or nuclear physics led directly to the development of new products such as television, computers, and printers. Most of us know that printer is used to print books, newspapers or magazine. Ink is one of the important components of printer. Without ink, printer is useless.  In this observation, we have come up to conduct research study, on computer printer ink from sugar beets, which is most useful and environmental friendly than commercial ink. Sugar beets’ Scientific name is Beta Vulgaris. Sugar beets are small herbaceous plants with broad dark-green leaves. Its underground taproot matures in 50-60 days of sowing and weighs about 100 to 150 g. Sugar beet contains certain unique pigment in the root as well as in its top greens that have found be used as inks. The unique crimson-red color of red beet is due to betalain pigments, such as betanin and betacyanin. It is most effective and we can save money because the cost of the sugar beet ink is much more less than the amount of commercial ink.

B. Objectives

1. To know the possible component of sugar beets that can become a source of colored ink.         2. To know how to extract the sugar beets into ink.
3. To know how to conduct a potential additive for commercial computer ink.

C. Statement of the Problem

1. Is there any difference in the commercial ink and the ink made up of sugar beets? 2. Would it be effective?

D. Hypotheses

Alternative – Sugar beets can be an alternative source for computer ink. Null - Sugar beets cannot be used as a computer ink.

E. Significance of the Study

This study can help people not to buy expensive ink in the market, sugar beet is the alternative for making ink by themselves. They can make ink in their home easily by using natural resources. Using natural ink is environment friendly. Other materials such as roots, nuts and flowers can also be used to create ink in various colors. We can also use different kinds of berries as well to create different shades of colors.

Since we are greatly affected by global warming brought about by too much pollution that came from different pollutants like factories and garbage. We can help our environment by making our own products such as ink from sugar beets to lessen this problem. It may seem to have a little effect now, but if we start considering it, who knows, maybe we can achieve more in the future. And we might save the world.

F. Scope and Limitations
The focus of our investigatory study is to produce a commercial computer ink out of sugar beets. The amount of the outcome of our computer ink will depend on the size of the beet we will use. We decided to use a beet which size is the common size of a normal beet. It is enough for a sample of our product. The materials and equipments we will use in this project are easy to get and find.

Chapter II
Review of Related Literature
As we, all know Budgeting is an important way of controlling money. Budgeting is the best way to manage money, salary, and usually income. Saving money needs a good budgeting. Now a day parents know how to budget their money for the sake of their children. Most of the parents budget their money because of the...
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