Alternative High Schools

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: January 10, 2002
Many people think that alternative schools are not the best in the world. I know from experience that it is not as bad as it seems. Most alternative schools let you work at your own pace. Most of the kids there go there cause they want to. I went to Crossroad High School and 90% of the kids there go because they want to. We were always in the news when a kid goes pshyco. They discriminate against us like we are the problems of the world and can not contribute to anyone or anything. Everyone who graduated got scholarships and graduated before their class. So I don't expect people to stop, but give the kids a chance. If I had the choice to either take my kids to a regular school or an alternative school, I would pick the alternative school. There are 15 students per teacher and there is more one on one communication. So basiclly you get more help than you would in a class with twenty-six to forty students to teacher. All the teachers know you even if you do not have them. They make it a point to get involved in your life. They teach you common curtisy and they help you learn to treat each other as quals not enemies. So I am glad that they made those kind of schools, they help a whole lot. Maybe all schools should be that way so children get a better education. The schools now are teaching them to hate people who think out of the box and that to me is not right. Discrimination hurts and it hurts the childrens future and their childrens futures and so on and so on.
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