Alternative Funding

Topics: Fundraising, Donation Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: April 27, 2015
Brittany Jackson-Bates
Alternative Funding
Public funding focuses on filling the needs of publically mandated programs. Funding from these sources is strictly controlled and available only within the U.S. and its territories. The paperwork and bid processes for receiving public funds are extensive and in some cases prohibitive for smaller organizations and communities. Qualifying for these funds demands a rigorous course of administrative will. Public funds are more readily available, but harder to secure than private funds. The eligibility rules for public monies are more likely to be tighter than those for private funding. Private funds come from foundation monies set aside for specific purposes or from private donors who have a mission and wish to donate monies to meet this mission. These foundations are often socially oriented and have specific issues that they wish to help ameliorate and the donor already determines the intended benefits of awarded programs. Donations may be made through private donors by monetary donations, stock options, will donations or donation of goods, such as cars, which are then sold to obtain funds for grants. The donors to private foundations receive tax-deductions for their donation

When it comes to PEACE Domestic Violence Agency, it is in my opinion that are several ways that alternate funding can occur. Alternative funding takes planning, a positive attitude and determination. Some steps taken to rise funding is critical such as readiness, research, reality, request and relationship between you and donor.  Some examples being grants being received, rising funds within the community, and of course donations. Raising funds within the community will include planned fundraisers. Some fundraiser can include carwashes; bake sales, or even talent shows. There are endless ways to receive funds and can be done correctly and effectively when left in the hands of the right individual(s).
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