Alternative Fuels - Mahua Oil

Topics: Fat, Fatty acid, Fatty acid metabolism Pages: 4 (995 words) Published: December 10, 2011
Mahua Oil (MO Oil) is an underutilized non-edible vegetable oil, which is available in large quantities in India. The fuel properties of the MO Oil biodiesel were found to be within the limits of biodiesel specifications of many countries. Fuel properties of diesel, mahua oil and blends are comparable. The calorific value of mahua oil was found as 96.30% on volume basis of diesel. It was found that mahua could be easily substituted up to 20% in diesel without any significant difference in power output, brake specific fuel consumption and brake thermal efficiency. The performance of engine with mahua oil blends improved with the increase in compression ratio from 16:1 to 20:1. Based on this study, it has been observed that esters of mahua oil could be used as a substitute for diesel. Historically mahua has been the single largest indigenous source of natural hard fat in soap manufacture both by the small scale and organized sector. However the quantities of fat available do not commensurate the requirement White mahua fat is satisfactory for production of washing soaps, its utility as virgin fat in toilet soapSeed Oil is used as ointment, in rheumatism and to prevent crack in the skin in winter. It is used for edible purposes culinary, hair oil, illumination, lighting, keeps body glossy and warm.The present of toxic and bitter saponins in mahua cake/meal preludes its utilization in poultry/animal feeds. ?Mahua cake can be used as cheap organic manure. It contains N=3.5%, Pro 50.51% and it can be used as cattle feed when treed from bitters and saponins, since it contains 20% crude protein. To be used as feed it must be supplemented with essential amino acids e.g. Arginine and trytophan. The saponin in the cake is a powerful fish poison and the cake can be used to control predatory fish present in the pounds and lakhs.The cake is a cheap and effective wormicide to maintain the turf, lawn and golf ground, free from earth warms.The flowers are used as...
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