Alternative Energy

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Government Grants for Alternative Energy Research
Jon Smith
ENG 122 (ABE1135R)
Mrs. Jane Smith
8 October 2010

Government Grants for Alternative Energy Research
Energy sources play a crucial role, affecting just about every activity that societies do in every country around the globe. The role in the economic development of a region or country does not need emphasis; because of the greater effects, it exercises a huge influence. It is the key element in the production process, and the lack or shortage of it has a serious impact on the economy. Energy is produced from a variety of different sources such as the wind, water, sun and even plants. The United States Government and other governmental entities such as the Department of Energy, provide funding for the research and development of alternative energy and innovations. “…President Obama announced that DOE will hand out a total of $3.4 billion to 100 utilities and other energy companies to spur modernization of the US electricity grid” (Kramer, 2009). This research paper argues the possibility of perhaps, the lack of federal funding availability, or the abundance of federal funding via government grants for the research of alternative energy. It also argues the impact on the country’s population and its economy. The paper will discuss the different sources of federal funding for the research of alternative energy such as the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program and the Federal Energy Management Program.

The paper will further explains how researchers, small businesses and companies collect billions of dollars from government grants to find cheaper, greener and more efficient energy sources. This topic has been selected because it is subject that most people are not too familiar with, and they should be more knowledgeable on the topic because it affects their lives. This paper claims that in fact, the US Government provides an abundance of funding via grants for alternative energy research. The US Government supplies billions of dollars in funding from the Federal Budget each year for the research of alternative energy. Since the US Government provides billions in funding for alternative energy research, this enables the creation of new research companies and small businesses thus creating more jobs and boosting the economy which are some of the President’s priorities. “To lead in the industries of tomorrow, it is critical that we invest in research and development (R&D) today. The Budget includes $2.3 billion for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)” (The Budget for Fiscal Year 2013, 2012). The United States has always been at the top of the list when it comes to science research and development.

It is very important that the US Government provide researchers with funding because this has a great impact in the lives of many and in the economy. By allocating these funds from the federal budget, the US Government can enable researchers to find better ways to get energy which will ultimately impact everyone on the planet. Another benefit of these grants is that, it also creates new companies thus creating more jobs which are better for the economy. The US Government sees these grants for alternative energy research as an investment for the future of the economy. “The calls for increased federal spending on basic science and related policies are motivated by the economic and national security concerns” (Freeman & Van Reenen, 2009). Since finding cheaper alternative energy sources has a huge impact in the lives of the American people and the economy, Congress agreed to increase the availability of funds for research and development for other sources of energy. These funds were originally passed by Congress in 2009, under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. “For instance, the Act provides for the...

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