Alternative Energies

Topics: World energy resources and consumption, Energy development, Alternative energy Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: July 23, 2013
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Alternative Energies
There are plenty of alternative energy resources out there that could not only benefit humans but our environment as well. With petroleum based fuels running out quickly, it is only logical to find new energy sources that are clean, renewable and most importantly, not harmful for the environment. Solar and wind energy are well known by the public, but the true potential of these mediums remains unexpressed. Solar energy derived from the sun has such abundance that one hour of life at high noon contains more energy than what the entire world consumes in the year. If we can capture one hundred percent of this energy, the world would never have to us gas or anything else. The question then is not availability but the technology to harness it and there are many advanced medians today which could accomplish just that, if they were not hindered by the need to compete for a market share with the established energy power structures. Then there is wind energy. Wind energy has long been denounced as weak, and due to it being location driven, impractical. This is simply not true. The US department of energy admitted in 2007 that if wind was fully harnessed in just three of America´s fifty states, it could power the entire nation. And then there are the rather unknown mediums of Tidal and Wave Power. Tidal power is derived from Tidal shifts in the ocean. Installing turbines, which capture this movement, generates energy. In the United Kingdom, 42 sites are currently noted as available, forecasting that 34% of all the UK's energy could come from tidal power alone. Wave power, which extracts energy from the surface motions of the ocean, is estimated to have a global potential about the 80,000 TWh a year. This means fifty percent of the entire planet's energy usage could be produced from this source alone. Now, it is important to point out that tidal, wave, solar and wind power require virtually no preliminary energy to harness, unlike...
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