Alternative ending to Bridge to Terabithia

Topics: Willie Dixon, Mind, Cremation Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: October 13, 2014
Alternative Ending for Bridge to Terabithia

Jesse had just made May Belle the new queen of Terabithia. The spirits of Terabithia came down after May Belle was queen. They came to congratulate May Belle for being the new queen and to thank Jesse for being such a good king. But after, something very surprising was said by the spirits. “Terabithia is no longer an imaginary land but is now apart of the real world. Every inhabitant of Terabithia will become real because we are now ruled by the rightful rulers.” But the spirits also gave bad news. They said that Leslie was evil and had been from the start. She had planned to destroy Terabithia. So the spirits killed her. But now Leslie’s spirit was with the evil and now also real land of Koridithio.

Jess and May Belle were shocked. Jess thought Leslie was such a good friend. The spirits said that everyone in USA will be in great danger because Koridithio has become real and much more powerful with Leslie as their new leader. They said that the only way to stop Leslie and Koridithio was by finding the remains of Leslie’s cremated physical body and to bring it back to Terabithia to be magically destroyed.

Jess and May Belle now had a mission, to save Terabithia and the USA. But they didn’t know where Leslie was cremated. But Jesse just remembered that Bill had given him his phone number before leaving. He would know where Leslie was cremated. He went home and dialled his number. Luckily, Bill answered. He knew where Leslie was cremated, but there was one problem. She was shipped to the United Kingdom to be cremated. Jess had no idea how he was going to get there. His family was very poor and wouldn’t have nearly enough to afford for the trip. Jess went to school the next day and thought things over.

Jesse got a surprise when he got back home from school the next day. He found everyone packing their bags. Brenda informed Jesse that the family was migrating to the United Kingdom. That solved the problem of...
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