Alternative end to the Handmaid's Tale

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Writing Task C


I chose to write an extra chapter for the book ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood. This book is about the Republic of Gilead, a dictatorship, where most women are infertile due to nuclear waste. The few fertile women become ‘Handmaids’, birth-mothers for the upper-class. The main character is Offred, who became a Handmaid after attempting to escape Gilead with her daughter and husband, Luke. She was separated from them became a Handmaid in the house of the General and his wife. Offred does not become pregnant and Serena Joy, the Wife, is desperate for children so she arranges for Offred to sleep with the chauffeur, Nick. The two fall in love; she even thinks she is pregnant. Soon after, a van arrives to take Offred. Nick says it is okay because it is the secret organization ‘Mayday’ coming to save her. Because it remains unsure whether Offred is saved or not, I chose to write a closed ending. The audience is the same one for the novel: people of all ages who are interested in a dystopian novel. The purpose is to provide a closed ending.

In my chapter, she is indeed saved by Mayday, taken to Canada, where she is reunited with her daughter. June, Offred’s real name, is beyond happy but unfortunately remains uncertain whether or not Luke is still alive. There is more good news though: June is a grandmother of a little boy. At the end, she is excited to start a new life with her family in Canada.

I tried to use to same diction as the book. For example, I used the first person point of view and the present tense. This makes the reader feel more involved in the story. The language is quite descriptive, this helps the readers to picture June’s situation. The tone, and therefore the mood, both shift from unsure and afraid to gleeful and excited.

Word count: 318 words.

Rough Draft

One of the two men stays with me in the back of the van and the other one gets into the passenger seat. Could...
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