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            In a rapidly developing society human needs are bound to multiply resulting into conflict of interests. People become more conscious about their individual rights and litigation becomes an inevitable part of their life due to rising incidence of disputes among them. The problem is further compounded when there is lack of discipline in the litigation process an judicial mechanism finds it difficult to cope up with the enormous caseload. Particularly, in a modern technologically and economically well advanced society, litigation is a primary means of resolving disputes. When it fails to meet the need of the people there is oblivious need to search for new alternative methods of dispute resolution. It is in this context that the alternative modes of dispute resolution have gained primacy in the present millennium. Justice delivery institutions in most of the developing countries in the world are currently confronted with serious crises, mainly on account of delay in the resolution of the disputes particularly the delay in disposal of the commercial and other civil matters. We must admit that this situation has eroded public trust and public confidence in the justice delivery institutions. It obstructs economic growth, development and social justice to the citizens in a country. The crises therefore, call for an urgent solution. The cause for such backlog of cases is institutional and the delay in disposal of the cases, is due to procedural laws. Administrative institutions have failed to monitor the status, substance and pace of litigation in the courts. The beginning of the modern ADR movement is from United States of America.  As Chief Justice Warren Burger of the U.S. Supreme Court once observed on noticing the increase of cases from 2000 to about 5000 in the US Supreme Court between 1963 to 1982 made the following remarks: – “We are moving towards a time when it will be impossible for the courts to cope up with the dockets. If something is not done, the result will be a production of line of justice that none of us would want to see.” Centre for Public Resources (CPR) in New York was a leader in the movement towards Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). It was assumed that the High Cost of litigation and long span of time, were misuse of public resources. Therefore, number of ADR techniques, which includes mini trials, having main focus on arbitration, mediation and disputes resolution by negotiation. Alternative dispute resolution mechanism principally consists of mediation, negotiation and arbitration as techniques for resolution of disputes by the consenting parties. THE PRESENT SCENARIO:-

            The legal system in India is viewed by many as part of ‘colonial legacy’. Undoubtedly, judiciary is the important institution which has withstood many challenges during the last-more than fifty years to retain its integrity. But with the mounting pressure of cases-civil, criminal, revenue, industrial and others the workload of judiciary increased leaps and bound and it has now reached a stage of unmanageable magnitude and the cases remain undecided for years together for one reason or the other.             The preamble to the constitution of India promises to secure socio-economic and political justice and equality of status and of opportunity to all the citizens. Art. 39-A contains a directive principle which holds that the state will ensure that the legal system operates in a manner so as to promote justice to all an to ensure that no citizen is denied the opportunities of securing justice by reason of economic or any other disability. But the ground reality is that the law hardly reaches the vulnerable sections of the society here majority of the people are illiterate, rustic and rural and are ignorant about existence of their legal rights and remedies. And those who are aware of their right, find it difficult to get them translated into reality because...
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