Alternative Courses of Action Netflix

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ACA 1: Offer streaming services to other portable gadgets
Increase and build relationship tie-ups to those application providers for other device companies other than Apple products. With this, it will allow customers to access Netflix more easily using their portable gadgets. Customers will then enjoy the flexibility of Netflix’s service offering that allows them to watch movies anytime and anywhere they want using their devices whether it is an Apple product or a different one.

ACA 2:
The Internet has allowed companies to break through business barriers and become accessible to any potential customer that has web access. Offering much lower prices for online streaming and internet-based deliveries than mail deliveries will be an attraction for potential and existing subscribers to prefer web-based deliveries than postal deliveries. It would be a good bargain for subscribers since they get to watch the same quality of movies without the hassle of mailing the movie back to Netflix and with a lower price offering.

ACA 3: Promotional marketing strategy
Promotional product offerings create buzz. Customers like offers that will satisfy them and they are willing to pay more attention if they are presented with benefits that create or increase value for their money. Promotional offerings in online streams will encourage more subscribers to avail internet-based delivery of movies than mail deliveries. To offer different discounts, packages or promos will also help strengthen existing customer loyalties and attract new potential subscribers.


ACA 1: Offer streaming services to other portable gadgets
With the evolving technology and constant introduction of new devices, Netflix must try to keep up with the increase of demands of consumers for convenience. While subscribers enjoy streaming content enabled by Netflix-ready devices like Blu-ray players, TiVo DVRs, Nintendo’s Wii, Microsoft’s...
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