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An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
By: Ambrose Bierce
Alternate ending: Final draft
Samantha Plotz
English 11

… Farquhar loses consciousness as he plummets down from the side of the bridge. He is awakened by currents of pain running through his body. He his still distraught, but as he regained consciousness of the situation he realized that the noose had broke from the bridge and he was still alive. Although the northern soldiers are aware the noose had broke and Farquhar had fallen into the water they didn’t really believe he could survive, after all he did fall quite the distance and his hands were bound behind his back. They saw him struggling for breath and before leaving they fired a shot at him. It appeared to hit him as Farquhar disappeared in the water. The northern soldiers left, uneasy about whether this man was dead or alive, they marched on.
Farquhar brings his head above water again, but this time he noticed something was different. The water around him unnaturally warm, looking around him he realized he was in a pool of dark red blood, his blood. He didn’t feel any pain from the shot that was fired because his adrenaline was so high. Farquhar began to panic and look around, searching for the men that shot him and tried to hang him, but they were gone and he was all alone. He broke the rope that held his arms together and began to swim to shore where he would address his wound. Once out of the water he noticed that he had been shot in the shoulder, and although he had lost a lot of blood, if he could make it home he would stay alive. All Farquhar could think about was his family. What were they doing? What were they thinking? All he wanted was to be with his wife and show her that he is alright, that he had survived and they can continue their life together. He began to run. Faster, faster, faster he thought. He must get home quick to see his family, to dress his wound, and before any northerns noticed he was alive and captured him again. The blood

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