Alternate Ending for "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer) (a+)

Topics: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: May 23, 2011

“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”
Author: Mark Twain

Huck and Tom are now the richest young boys in their small town of the Mississippi. The young Huck loves living his new mother Widow Douglas. Huck and Tom meet each other in front of the church. “Hey Huck” Tom says, “How does it feel to be rich and live with the wealthiest person in St. Pertersburg?” “It’s the best feeling in the world” Huck continues,

“If only we can build some kind of union or try being runaway pirates again” Tom replies with sorrow,
“No Huck, never again”
Sad enough Huck and Tom won’t have any more crazy adventures, getting in anyone’s business or trying to be that town hero.

It’s been about 5 years now. Becky and Tom are happily engaged, Huck is studying science life and trying to go further into plants and animals. Tom and Huck meet for their annual dinner night. “Tommy!” Huck says,

“How are you and Mrs. Soon to be Sawyer?”
Tom replies,
“Haha good one, we are great Huck we got wedding plans to get married on the Mississippi!” Huck in shock says
“That’s great Tom, but theres another reason why I wanted you hear.” “What is it?” Tom in wonder asks,
“Don’t tell me is it about what cold of been because I don’t want to remember Huck.” “Tommy; remember Injun Joe…. He never died.”
“Are you serious Huck!? How do you know?”
Huck in despair says “He wants me to get his treasure back and the only way to do that is… Is….” “Is what Huck”
Those were Tom Sawyer’s last words. Huckleberry Finn pulled out a pistol and shot Tom between the eyebrows and ran to Tom’s house to receive the treasure. Huck finds Injun Joe and gives him the treasure at the graveyard. In tears Huck gives Injun the treasure.

Injun replies “Huck, you’re a great companion now. Welcome to our brotherhood.” “But why Tommy?” said Huck
Injun says with a laugh,
“It wasn’t just Tom, Huck there’s someone else.”
Huck balling with tears like a wnaterfall
“O dear lord who now?”
Injun replies in a dark...
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